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Education and Raising Public Awareness in Russia
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Russia Project Sites Map


In Russia, the project has a national coordination unit based in Moscow and a coordination unit for Yakutia (in Yakutsk, operated by the Institute for Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone). Work is underway on establishing unified technical frameworks for determining baselines and indicators for the sites, management planning, ecotourism and harmonizing federal and provincial legislation on protected areas. The project is also evaluating potential new threats to two of the project sites – hunting lodge development at a key staging area in the south of Tyumen Oblast, and oil exploration at the main breeding site for the western population of Siberian Cranes in the middle reaches of the Ob basin.

In Yakutia, long term research into the eastern population of Siberian Cranes breeding grounds is continuing, and a strategy for conservation of the Siberian Crane in Yakutia has been published.

Protected  Areas (PDF)



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