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The Siberian Crane's Eastern Asian Flyway
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The Siberian Crane's Western/Central Asian Flyway
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Western/Central Asian Site Network
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Regional Activities

Siberian Crane migration flyways linking wetland conservation sites
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At the regional level, activities are focusing on creating strong networks among project sites and similar on-going efforts in other sites and countries along the same flyways. The SCWP is facilitating exchange of information and coordination of activities across flyways; integrating flyway activities within the CMS MoU Conservation Plans; conducting regional targeted research on technologies such as satellite telemetry and voice-printing; delivering regional training activities on topics such as data management to ensure sound collection, maintenance and sharing of information across flyways; and developing mechanisms for cross-country education and information exchanges.

The selection of project sites covers the main breeding, wintering and staging areas for both Eastern and Western populations of the Siberian Crane. These wetlands are also of considerable socio-economic and cultural importance, supporting the livelihoods of local communities, as well as contributing to regional and national economic development in many cases.

All project sites meet the Ramsar Convention’s criteria for Wetlands of International Importance and many have existing international designations. The flyways used by the Siberian Cranes are shared with many other species of migratory waterbirds, including at least 32 globally threatened waterbird species. The SCWP “flyways” are specific to the Siberian crane and constitute only part of the greater, internationally recognized East Asian – Pacific, or Eurasian – Australian flyways.

For more detailed information on each site, see the data sheets in Annex G of the Project Brief

» Eastern Flyway

» Western Flyway



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