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Workshop participants (top) and Torho Juli (above), leader of the newly created water users NGO

Workshops on climate change and water resource management problems at Kazakhstan project sites

In 2008, within the framework of the SCWP, Rauf Sabitov, local community expert, with the director of the "Ak Tyrna" Resource-information Centre, Igor Smbayev, organized an “initiative group” of water users and developed a project concept on the solution of problems on the conservation of water resources and climate change. In 2008, the project was supported and approved by the program coordinator in Kazakhstan, Stanislav Kim, and the secretariat of UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP).

In December 2008, Naurzum Bionet NGO was provided with funding for project development under the UNDP/GEF SGP for their project, “Adaptation to global climate change at the level of local communes in Burevestnik village of Naurzum district.”

Workshop with local water users in Burevestnik village, Kazakhstan

In 2009, Rauf Sabitov and Igor Smbayev organized three workshops, the tasks of which included:

  • Assessment of vulnerability reduction in relation to global climate change.

  • Development of a full project proposal with the initiative group of water users.

  • Meeting with the initiative group to provide consulting support on registration of an NGO of water users.

In total, 43 participants took part in the workshops. Programs to discuss with local inhabitants were developed for the workshops, including the following questions:

  • What is the extent of drought impact on your sources of life support?

  • How efficient are the measures on the reduction of drought impact taken by your community?

  • How great will be the consequences of a four-year drought?

  • Will your community be able to solve the problems of four-year drought without significant reduction of life-support sources?

  • How difficult is it to overcome barriers to application of water saving technology to increase soil resistance to water and wind erosion?

  • Will your community continue working on the introduction of water and soil conservation technology?

  • Will your community search for other ways of livelihood improvement in addition to those provided by the project?

Workshop with teachers in Burevestnik village, Kazakhstan

The participants of the workshops gave their own views on these questions. The workshops were organized for different groups of Burevestnik community: the first workshop was organized for secondary school teachers of the village, the second one was held for the heads of rural economic units, farmers, machine operators and workers, while local officials took part in the third workshop including the Akim (council chairman) of the village, specialists of the District Administration,  and veterinary inspectors.

Meetings of the initiative group with a number of inhabitants of the village were organized, a project proposal was developed and workplans were discussed in the course of those meetings.
As a result of the workshops and meetings, local inhabitants formed a group of founders for registration of an NGO of water users, and discussed and adopted a charter. Mr. Torhov, head of “Zhito” limited partnership, was elected as a head of the organization. The last version of the project proposal was adopted and submitted to the UNDP/GEF SGP Secretariat for approval.

For more information please contact:

Igor Smbayev,
Director of Ak Tyrna Resource-information Center
Karamendy village, tel./fax: 8-714-54-21-038
E-mail: naur_smbaev@mail.ru

Yekaterina Salyutina,
Project expert on public participation
Astana city, tel./fax: 8-717-2-53-66-56
E-mail: vera.inyutina@mail.ru

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