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Education and Raising Public Awareness in Kazakhstan
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Management Improvements at Naurzum National Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan
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Water management planning for Naurzum National Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan
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Tyuntyugar & Zhanshura Lake

Geographic Location

Located at 52° 41’ N, 65° 50’ E, 239 m above sea level, the lakes are situated near Tontegir village, on the border between Kostanay and Northern Kazakhstan Oblasts. The lakes lie on the eastern edge of Turgay Depression and in northeastern part of Tontegir Hollow, within the Ishim and Turgay rivers watershed.


These two natural water reservoirs periodically merge into one larger lake, within an area of 54,300 ha. They are typical small lakes for the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan. The climate is continental with a hot and long summer, and a cold but usually almost snowless winter. Annual average precipitation amounts to 319 mm. Significant spring floods which fill the lake, occur in an 8-12 year cycle. The area regularly supports over 20,000 waterbirds.

Conservation Status

Currently the rayon (district) Hunting and Fishing Inspections are abolished, although they were quite efficient in the past. Inspectors from Kostanay Oblast Game Protection Service make periodic raids on the lake, but without visible success.

The Koibagar-Tyuntyugur Lake System was designated a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, effective 7 May 2009. The preparation of the documents for nomination of the site (including Ramsar Information Sheets and GIS maps of the wetlands) was started in 2005 within the framework of the UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project (Read more about the Ramsar site designation).

SCWP Objectives

The SCWP is working to establish Tontegir as a seasonal ornithological refuge (zakaznik). Activities are working to introduce a ban on hunting on the lake surface and within a 1-km zone around it during the periods of birds’ migration in late April - early July and early September - early November. The project will conduct research for and establish special resting zones and ban fishing at the southeastern and southern coasts during waterfowl nesting and moulting periods. Additionally, to complement the protection and research activities, the SCWP will establish a comprehensive education and public awareness program for the site.



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