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Establishment of a New Migration Monitoring Network across China for the Siberian Crane and Other Waterbirds
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Poyang Lake Ecology Study
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China project sites map


In China, the State Forestry Administration is the executing agency for the project activities, which is coordinated through the National Bird Banding Center. In China, five wetland sites have been identified as critical, including the Poyang Lake Basin, where up to 98% of the world’s population of Siberian Cranes over-winter. The other four sites are national level nature reserves (Zhalong, Xianghai, Keerqin, and Momoge Nature Reserves) that protect important migratory habitat used by the Siberian Crane in northeastern China. The project will address specific threats to each site, such as over-fishing or water supply, with an emphasis on involving local communities that live in or near the reserves in the development and implementation of management plans. Site activities include strengthening legal protection and enforcement within the reserves, targeted research and monitoring, capacity building for site management, as well as environmental education and public awareness programs, and alternative livelihood projects for local communities.

To learn more about project activities in China, visit the China SCWP website (this website is in Chinese).

Protected Areas Table (PDF)


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Red-crowned cranes at Momoge Nature Reserve, China

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