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Seminar on Advocacy of International Projects and Presentation of Activities and Achievements, Department of Environment (DoE), Iran

On August 16 2009, a one day seminar was organized and held at the DoE, Pardisan Park complex. The aim of this gathering was to advocate, present and share the achievements of the UNDP and UNEP GEF projects within the Division of Natural Resources and Biodiversity with the staff and experts of different sections of DoE.  This seminar also gave the opportunity to DoE experts and most importantly to GEF project managers and staff to exchange ideas and experiences on their activities.

The four projects that delivered a presentation on their activities and outputs included:

  1. UNDP/GEF Iranian Wetlands Project

  2. UNDP/GEF Asiatic Cheetah Conservation Project

  3. UNDP/GEF Conservation of Central Zagros Landscape Project

  4. UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetlands Project

Dr. Najafi Hajipour, the National Project Director of GEF projects in the Natural Resources and Biodiversity Division of DoE

Dr. Najafi Hajipour, the National Project Director of GEF projects in the Natural Resources and Biodiversity Division of DoE, raised the importance of the international projects and emphasized the strengths and weakness of these projects. He said: "In DoE there is positive view towards international projects, because these projects are based on conserving the environment beyond country boarders and cooperation of international organizations with nations has been effective."  He added that GEF projects have several positive impacts which include transfer of international knowledge and experience on ecosystem management and injection of new knowledge and approaches into national programs; capacity building for staff and experts at different levels; transfer of new technologies and equipment for ecosystem and wildlife conservation (e.g. satellite trackers) and last but not least cooperation and acquaintances with international experts and scientists. Mr. Najafi also mentioned some of the weaknesses of projects which included not using the national and provincial expert capacity for project implementation; no realistic evaluation of the projects and trying to avoid mistakes and gaps; weak exchange of information and experience between the GEF projects and weak advocacy of the international projects to the public and government sections.


Ms. Sagynbaeva, Deputy Resident  Representative of UNDP Tehran

In this meeting Ms. Sagynbaeva, Deputy Resident  Representative of UNDP Tehran, agreed with Mr. Njafi on his thoughts about the GEF projects, and following she introduced some of the main projects and programs of UNDP in the biodiversity section and emphasized: there is a need for close cooperation of not just biodiversity projects together but also with the projects in the climate change portfolio. For UNDP, project delivery and on time (according to workplan) implementation is very important, and we know that some of the UNDP/GEF projects have faced delays, which is very important because it is one of the main indicators. Ms. Sagynbaeva noted that UNDP is ready to offer any training and capacity building that is required for project management.  She also mentioned that advocacy of projects' achievements at national and international level is very important and UNDP will do its best to help in this aspect. 

After the formal speeches, four project managers, including the SCWP National Project Manager, Mr. Sadeghi Zadegan, delivered a presentation introducing the project, its goals and achievements.

At the end of the seminar participants of the meeting gave their views and questions about the projects.


Mr. Sadeghi Zadegan, SCWP National Project Manager

For more information please contact:

Sadegh Sadeghi Zadegan, National Project Manager
Azin Fazeli, National Technical Officer
Department of Environment, Tehran, Iran
Tel/Fax: 0098-21-88244669

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